Sunday, 24 April 2011

Learn To Fly (Flash Game)

Learn to fly is a flying game. You play as a penguin and you goal is to complete different flying objectives like fly a distance, or height. There is an upgrade system including gliders, and rockets which is good fun. The game is quite short but its good while it lasts.
Flying just above the surface. Basic glider and no rockets.
One criticism is that the controls for the penguin are too simple only controlling forward/backward lean and boost for rocket. It is also possible to increase the length of jumps by skimming across the water from landing on your belly.

I recommend playing this game because its fun.

Monday, 18 April 2011

DuckLife2: World Champion (Flash Game)

DuckLife2: World Champion is a duck training game. The idea is to train your duck to enter it in races. You can train the duck in running, swimming, climbing and flying. Each time you win a race you get a new customisation such as a hat or a different colour for your duck.
Racing in London streets and sewers. My Duck is red duck with black hat.
The running training was frustrating to play because you could only control when the duck jumped and not the speed it was running. Climbing, Swimming, and Flying were all fun to play. The races for each event were located in different countries including England, Scotland, Egypt, USA, and Japan. The game has a level editor.

Overall DuckLife2: World Champion is a simple but fun game. I recommend playing.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Ben There Dan That

Ben There done that is a point and click adventure game. You play as Ben and Dan who are rescuing the world from aliens. The puzzles are good and there are lots of references to other point and click adventure games. The game has good dialogue that is funny. One criticism is that there is no voice acting.
Ben and Dan in England that was given to USA

 The game is free and is worth trying out.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Cat Planet

Cat Planet is a 2D platform game that you play as a winged flying angel. Your goal is to collect all the cats on cat planet. Every cat you collect has something interesting different to say. Cat Planet has a good soundtrack and the platforming is challenging without being too difficult. There are four zones factory, lava, forest, and final zone. You get past obstacles by flapping your wings to go higher. Some screens are challenging, fortunately if you die you respawn on the same screen.
collecting a cat in forest zone

Cat Planet is an upbeat and cheerful game. It is short, but definitely worth trying out. Cat Planet is free.