Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Stealth Bastard

Stealth Bastard is a stealth 2D platform game. The aim of each level is to hack a terminal and then reach the exit of the level. The game has really nice lighting that not only looks good but also you use it to hide from sensors and robots. Each level also has the extra challenge of completing in a good time where your time is uploaded to a global leaderboard.

hacking a terminal opens exit

  The game is totally free although accepts donations. I think for a free game this is very good quality and much better to other free games I have tried. The soundtrack is fitting to the game. The quickly are unforgiving and challenging. If you are OK with a challenging game Stealth Bastard is worth trying out.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Crayon Physics Deluxe

Crayon Physics Deluxe is a sandbox physics game where you draw with crayons to create blocks, ropes, pulleys and pivots. The game sells its self as a physics puzzle game but is really sandbox, and I am fine with this because its still a good game. Some levels also have rockets.

The game records your attempts at levels so you can save the interesting solutions you might make. Its a game I can see myself going back to when I want to try out a new idea for completing a level or a new design for a level. Things you have to consider is momentum transfer of momentum, and sometimes flexibility of shapes.

The game costs too much at standard price but if you can find it on sale its worth picking up. The best thing about Crayon Physics Deluxe is the creative ways to complete levels.

open a drawbridge

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Blocks That Matter

Blocks That Matter is a platform puzzle game. You play as a small robot and your aim is to rescue some indie game developers that have been taken hostage. You complete different levels by collecting blocks and then make Tetris shapes to reach the end of the level. An extra challenge for each level is collecting the locked chest. The reward for collecting the locked chest is an important block from another computer game. The campaign has 40 levels as well as there being bonus levels. Included in the game is a level editor which makes it easy to make you own levels which can be submitted and rated by other players. The platform sections of the game work well and are fun to play.

One criticism is no way to rewind levels making long levels frustrating.

Overall I enjoyed blocks that matter because its something different than I have played before.

Wood blocks can set on fire, white block with spots falls if you stand on them