Sunday, 26 December 2010

World of Goo Review


World of Goo is a puzzle game where you build structures so balls of goo can reach a target location on a level. Each level has a target number of balls to reach the exit and once you have reached the target the level is complete.

level from chapter 2

The structures you build are made of goo balls. Different coloured balls have different properties, black builds rigid structures and white builds non-rigid structures. There game is split into 5 chapters each chapter with a different theme.

The graphics 2D and have an interesting and unique art style. The found the puzzles interesting and fun.

Once the game is complete there are OCD challenges involving replaying a level but needing to collect much more goo balls. There is a tower building level where you have to build as tower as tall as possible, you also get to see the heights other players towers.

level based on desktop of operating system

World of Goo is a fun puzzle game that has interesting physics for the way the goo balls stick together and interact. The difficulty is just right, and if you need more help in-game sign posts have tips on them. It is a lot of fun and I recommend playing.


Merry Christmas

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Company of Heroes Campaign Review


Company of Heroes is a World War 2 real time strategy game. Its follows Able Company a group of American soldiers through operation Overlord which was the allies invasion of Western Europe specifically Normandy. It starts with the landing on Omaha beach. The game is played in full 3D.
ammunitions capture point

In Company of Heroes you control infantry units in fixed groups. Once an infantry unit in a group dies they cannot be replaced and groups cannot be combined together.

The cover system works by areas on the map having cover levels of red, amber, and green from worst to best. You send infantry to the cover points for increased defence. This works really well.

Base building allows you to build different units. The resources are man power, fuel, and ammunition. Resources are needed to build units and buildings. Resources are obtained from control points.  Units available in game are artillery, light vehicles, infantry and tanks.

There is fun a campaign where you must kill a tiger ace (a top German tank commander in a tiger tank). You are given the heavy tank M26 Pershing which is a strong tank but not stronger than a tiger, so you must lure the tiger tank into your traps.

There are cut scenes between missions following the American soldiers, they are very well done, and worth watching.
defending axis attack

Company of heroes is a fun game, and definitely worth playing. I think that I learned some things about history playing it, and it is also fun. My only criticism is that there is no axis campaign.


Sunday, 12 December 2010

Dead Space Review


Dead Space is a third person survival horror game set in space. You play as Isaac Clarke who has been sent on a mission to repair the mining ship USG Ishimura which has lost communication contact. Isaac is an engineer providing support for a senior security officer called Zach Hammond and a technologist called Kendra Daniels. Soon after making contact with the USG Ishimura the mission does not go to plan and Isaac finds himself trapped on USG Ishimura. The aim of the game is to escape the ship.
Isaac Clarke with Pulse Riffle

The guns in the game are plasma cutter, Force Gun, Line Gun, Contact Beam, Flame Thrower, and Rip saw. They are all very different to use and all include an alternate fire mode which can change the situations they are useful in. Isaac's suit has a stasis module slows down objects, useful for slowing difficult enemies down. Isaac's suit also has Kinesis model that allows you to pick up and move heavy objects easily.

Most games gives increased damage for headshots, dead space is different by giving increased dame for shooting limbs.

You will never get lost in Dead Space because there is a button that draws a line between you and your next objective. This is good for not betting lost but it also means you can complete the game with never exploring much.
Space walking in vacuum

There is good replay value because there are many weapons upgrades as well as easy, medium, hard, and impossible difficulties. The graphics, sound and atmosphere of the game are excellent you get a real feeling of being trapped on the USG Ishimura. The game is not as scary as it could have been because all the weapons available make the game fairly easy and it end up like a third personn shooter game. A very fun third person shooter game.

Score 9/10

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Osmos Review (PC)


Osmos is a puzzle game by indie developer hemisphere games. You control a bubble like object called a mote. In the game you absorb smaller motes and larger motes absorb you. The goal is to grow the size of your mote until it is the biggest. It is possible to slow or speed time as needed.


The game is split into three zones sentient,  force, and ambient. Each zone has the same basic gameplay but with something extra. Force zone has attractor motes so you will need to deal with orbits. Sentient zone has motes with a.i and you have to compete with the A.I motes to get the largest. Ambient zone has antimatter motes that reduce the size of other motes.


Osmos has a lovely relaxing soundtrack and also nice graphics. I think the game would be better if some of the force levels with orbital physics were easier. Other than that, this is an excellent game.

Demo is available here

Score 7/10

difficult level with orbits
Force zone. Aim is absorb the four repulsors. Repulsors push objects close to them away.