Sunday, 26 September 2010

Bayonetta Review


Bayonetta is a hack and slash single player game that you play as a witch called Bayonetta who kills lots of angels.

You play in third person perspective and all moves are done with a combination of punch and kick. The timing between punch and kick buttons does different combos. You can practice combos at any time if you press select during loading screen. Dodging is important in the game, while you dodge you are invisible, you will dodge a lot.

Like sonic the hedgehog collecting rings in Bayonetta is important as they are used for getting items/techniques at the Gates of Hell shop. They are generally given as reward for completing levels and enemies.

The enemies are varied and the bosses massive. I had a lot of fun addapting different stregegies for the different enemies.

The game can be frustrating to play and extremely difficult. I recommend not starting on hard difficulty untill increasing your magic and vitality guage by 50%. Broken Witch Hearts is what you need to collect for health bar increase, and Broken Moon Pearl for magic bar increase. Limited suplpy are available from Gates of Hell shops, beating a challenge portal (called alfheim), and finding them at different hidden locations.
torture attack on an angel


You can buy new outfits for Bayonetta such as P.E kit, Swimsuit, Cheerleader, or alternate witch outfit.

There is a global high score board so you can see how your combo or time compare globally or with friends.

You can unlock weapons such as ice skates, or whip by collecting parts of Vinyl LP records. Each complete record gets you a new weapon when you next visit the shop. The weapons are not needed to complete the game, but fun to collect.

There are challenge portals called alfheim challenges. You have limited time to beat all enemies usually with a restricition e.g limited kick and punches. There are 21 challenges in total.

There are crows scattered accross the game to collect, called umbran tears of blood, 100 in total.

The diffulties are very easy, easy, normal, hard and Infinite Climax.

Artwork and Models for the game are available for viewing pleasure through the main menu
shooting an angel

If you have never played a hack and slash game like Bayonetta I would definately recommend playing it because it is lots of fun. Its excellent if you want to play it through once, but has a lot of depth through different difficulties, weapons, and collectables.

Score: 8/10


  1. Awesome graphics..Nice review on this game.
    I've tried hack and slash games and i would really love to try this one out! Thanks for the post!

  2. it look s like s on booze :))

  3. the masses will always love violence

  4. I've never heard of this one. Too bad it's not for PC. Maybe they'll make a shitty port in a few months.

  5. Graphics look really nice, I wonder if its GPU demanding.

  6. I played the demo and thought it was really poor. If I see it cheap enough I may give it a go!

  7. bayonetta is a sick game, great screenshots

  8. Nice review man, I thought Bayonetta looked cool as shit.
    Good layout too!

  9. Is it wrong for me to think that she's kind of hot?

    Lol... good review.

  10. I kinda liked the demo, so I might actually pick this up now.

  11. Yea is the gameplay similar to DMC?

  12. i saw this on g4 and then at pax this year. its sweet!

  13. I was considering getting this game, but now I'm thinking I WILL get it.

  14. The only redeeming factor of Bayonetta was the protagonist's looks. I didn't find it too good of a game.

  15. Wow those graphic looks nice, may have to pick this one up

  16. I was considering buying it already, but this makes me want to buy it right now :3