Sunday, 31 October 2010

Braid Review


Braid is an Indie 2D platform game with puzzles based around time manipulation. You play as Tim who lives in an apartment at the top of a building. The game is split into 6 worlds. Each World is made up of levels. Each Level has Jigsaw pieces to collect. The main challenge of the game is collecting the jigsaw pieces which are sometimes out of reach or blocked by different obstacles. To complete a world you collect all the jigsaw pieces and then put them together to make a picture.
World:2 Level:Three easy pieces

The graphics in the game look very good thanks to the watercolour art style, and the multiple layered animated backgrounds. At the beginning of every world there are books which tell a story. The stories can be confusing, but there is some extra meaning to the stories if you spend the time to think about it. All the levels in braid are very well designed and there is little repetition in the puzzles. The game is not very long.

The game does have good replay value because there is a speed run option with times to beat. There are also secret stars to collect. The stars are very well hidden and very difficult to find and also reach. As a bonus for collecting the stars you get a more full ending to the game.

The soundtrack is very nice. The music is relaxing. When you rewind time the music also plays backwards.
World:4 Level:Fickle companion

Braid has excellent puzzles that are unique and very satisfying to complete. Global scoreboards for speed runs would have improved the game. I recommend playing Braid.

Score 9/10


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  2. Sounds like a cool game! Hey BTW free advertising for your blog,, got mine in the top left of Colorado

  3. Looks petty interesting and a nice change from what I'm used to. Going to look further into this for sure. Thanks for the find.

  4. I think I played this game before. Real nice.

  5. I played, it's an awesome game!

  6. Time manipulation = instant headache for me, lol.