Sunday, 21 November 2010

Cave Story Review


Cave story is a freeware action adventure game that is a 2D platform game with simple graphics like a Nintendo NES game. Cave story is completely free. To play in English you also need to get an English language translation pack.


The main character is an un named solder who finds himself stranded on a floating island. There are minigma creatures being hunted by a doctor, and also another outsider to the island called Sue who is missing. Who you rescue and don't rescue is part of the game, you can play the game helping everyone or just to find a way to escape the island for yourself.


Cave story is a very good game, which at first glance the depth is not obvious, but I advise being patient and giving the game a chance. Music is Cave Story is excellent and you will find yourself humming some of the tunes when no even playing the game. The game takes 6 hours approx to complete. Here are some cave story wallpapers.

Score 10/10

Main character, Curly, Balrog

Outer Wall


  1. I really enjoy your blog and this post, so following you!

  2. Cave Story is one of the best games I've ever saw!

    It is so amazing and so joyfull :)