Sunday, 28 November 2010

Legend of Princess


Legend of princess is a 2D platform game that is free to play and is what a zelda game would look like as a 2D platformer. Legend of Princess is the work of indie developer Joakim Sandberg.


The game is much faster than games like mario, and needs quick reflexes to avoid enemies and reach ledges. There are some good puzzles in the game for opening doors and also during boss fights. The game might be short but there are plenty of boss fights and each one is unique and fun to play.

The main character is an elf wearing green just like zelda and there are two weapons a sword and also a boomerang type object you can throw. There are many secret locations containing bonus items. The game is very short but the time you complete its in and te number of bonus items collected is recoreded so you can replay to beat your previous best.

colourful 16-bit style graphics

Overall this good but short platformer, definately worth playing.

Score 7/10