Sunday, 5 December 2010

Osmos Review (PC)


Osmos is a puzzle game by indie developer hemisphere games. You control a bubble like object called a mote. In the game you absorb smaller motes and larger motes absorb you. The goal is to grow the size of your mote until it is the biggest. It is possible to slow or speed time as needed.


The game is split into three zones sentient,  force, and ambient. Each zone has the same basic gameplay but with something extra. Force zone has attractor motes so you will need to deal with orbits. Sentient zone has motes with a.i and you have to compete with the A.I motes to get the largest. Ambient zone has antimatter motes that reduce the size of other motes.


Osmos has a lovely relaxing soundtrack and also nice graphics. I think the game would be better if some of the force levels with orbital physics were easier. Other than that, this is an excellent game.

Demo is available here

Score 7/10

difficult level with orbits
Force zone. Aim is absorb the four repulsors. Repulsors push objects close to them away.