Sunday, 19 December 2010

Company of Heroes Campaign Review


Company of Heroes is a World War 2 real time strategy game. Its follows Able Company a group of American soldiers through operation Overlord which was the allies invasion of Western Europe specifically Normandy. It starts with the landing on Omaha beach. The game is played in full 3D.
ammunitions capture point

In Company of Heroes you control infantry units in fixed groups. Once an infantry unit in a group dies they cannot be replaced and groups cannot be combined together.

The cover system works by areas on the map having cover levels of red, amber, and green from worst to best. You send infantry to the cover points for increased defence. This works really well.

Base building allows you to build different units. The resources are man power, fuel, and ammunition. Resources are needed to build units and buildings. Resources are obtained from control points.  Units available in game are artillery, light vehicles, infantry and tanks.

There is fun a campaign where you must kill a tiger ace (a top German tank commander in a tiger tank). You are given the heavy tank M26 Pershing which is a strong tank but not stronger than a tiger, so you must lure the tiger tank into your traps.

There are cut scenes between missions following the American soldiers, they are very well done, and worth watching.
defending axis attack

Company of heroes is a fun game, and definitely worth playing. I think that I learned some things about history playing it, and it is also fun. My only criticism is that there is no axis campaign.


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