Monday, 10 January 2011

Deus Ex Review


Deus Ex is a first person RPG game where you play as JC Denton an undercover agent working for anti terrorist group UNATCO(United Nations Anti-Terrorist Coalition). Because of nanotechnology implants JC Denton has super human powers called augmentations. Augmentations give you abilities like running fast, protection from radiation, as well as a direct communication link to JC Denton's brain. Missions in Deus Ex can be completed either by brute force or by taking alternate stealth routes. 
In Paris with human-mech enemies

Deus EX has different skills you can improve with experience points such as hacking, lock picking, weapons usage, medicine. Weapons are upgradable, as are augmentations. Enemies are either human, mech, or Human-mech and each require different strategies to defeat. There are lots to read Deus EX which can be off putting, but it is the best way to understand the story. Exploration is very important because it gets you points to use upgrading skills, and finds different routes.

Many of the doors in Deus Ex are locked with Keypads and finding the codes is important. If you find a datacube they will sometimes contain the code you need to open a door, sometimes talking with NPC will get you the code, or sometimes you can use multi-tools to override the keypad.

The story is Deus EX is about a disease called gray death and corporations and governments controlling the cure which is called ambrosia. The story is very enjoyable and full of twists and turns, I was never sure of the outcome until the end. Decisions you make in the game does make the game different later on, the game is non-linear and there are multiple endings.

The music is very nice and fitting with cyberpunk style of the game. The graphics are fairly bad, but this is not a new game so its understandable. Missions in Deus EX take place in various locations including New York, Paris, and Hong Kong.

One criticism of the game would be that it is too long,  and bgins to feel repetitive.  If a couple of the missions in the middle of the game were to be removed, the game would still be as good. Also Some of the boss fights can be anti-climatic if you are heavily armed.
Future New York City. Statue of liberty was blown up by terrorists.

Overall Deus Ex is a memorable and excellent game.  The non linear story is great. The world is very immersive and is even better if you are prepared to do reading of in game documents, books and newspapers. Deus EX is one of the best videogames I have played I highly recommend it.

score: 9/10

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  1. I never played DE and I'm a bit hesitant to try it now since it's quite a bit dated now.