Sunday, 30 January 2011

Toki Tori Review


Toki Tori is a puzzle platform game by Two Tribes. It was originally released for game boy colour in 2001, then more recently for PC/Mac on Steam and for WiiWare on Wii. I played the PC version.
Toki Tori shooting ice gun

Toki Tori is a chicken. Levels are completed by guiding Toki Tori to collect all eggs.

You have abilities like building bridges, teleporting or firing an ice gun to help you. There are 4 different worlds Forrest Falls, Creepy Castle, Bubble Barrage, and Slimy Sewer.

The game has nice 3d graphics, although the actual game is 2D, the sound track is also good.

The game has lots of content with levels for normal and hard difficulties as well as bonus levels that unlock as you complete levels. There is also the potential for fan made levels as a level editor is included with the pc version.

One Criticism of Toki Tori is towards the end of the game levels become really difficult and needed to much trial and error to complete.
Toki Tori underwater in bubble barrage world

Overall Toki Tori is a solid puzzle game I see myself going back to.

Score 6/10

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