Monday, 17 January 2011

Nier Review


Nier is an action rpg game developed by Cavia and published by Square Enix. You play as the character Nier a middle aged man trying to find a cure for his daughter Yonah who is terminally ill.

Nier fighting shades

The enemies in the game are called shades and as you level up you can defeat stronger shades

The combat in Nier is hack and slash. You can choose between spear, single handed sword or two handed sword, as well as crafting better weapons from items you find. Nier carries a book called Grimoir Weiss that gives you different magic abilities.

Something different about Nier combat is magic ball shooting bosses like in a shoot-em-up game. It works well and you have to remember the patterns of the bullets so you can dodge them.

In the game you meet different characters and learn more about them as the game continues.  There is lots to the Nier story and after you complete the game you can get more information about different characters and an alternate ending by using a “New Game +” feature that starts you mid way through the game.  There are a total of 4 endings.

The game sometimes switches between isometric, 3D, and side view. Side view worked really well for entering buildings, and the transitions between the views is really smooth.

Some of the levels are completely text based where you read a long story and then choose the right answers to the questions to complete the level.

Nier soundtrack is one of the best I know. All the different songs match the different moods. The graphics in Nier are good, and most of the locations are unique and interesting.

One criticism is the Nier world is not very large and you have to play through some areas multiple times.

Kainé and Nier

Overall I enjoyed Nier, the soundtrack was simply great. The game has good replay value because of 4 different endings, as well as weapons crafting and side quests.

Score 9/10

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