Monday, 7 February 2011

Machinarium Review


Machinarium is an indie adventure game with high level of difficulty. You play as a robot in a world full of robots like robot dogs, and robot criminals.
pushing a block


The game starts of with you being dumped in a landfill site. You have to escape the land fill. Lots of the puzzles have clever solutions which are are rewarding once you workout the answer.

The game has no text, and everything is communicated through comic sketches.  The world in Machinarium has a high level of detail and the city and other environments you explore are interesting and fun to explore.

The game has an very nice ambient soundtrack, The graphics are very nice, with good animations and hand drawn backgrounds that look great.

There is a hint system and also a walkthrough integrated into the game.

My criticism of Machinarium is it has no replay, other than looking at the artwork, or listening to the ambient soundtrack. I also found the game a little too difficult and sometimes needed to look at the walkthrough.

Machinarium has mini-games and these are a large part of the game.

The game is very difficult, and many of the puzzles took me a long time to think about before I could work them out.

in a sewer

Overall I highly recommend playing this game because of high quality art work, soundtrack, puzzles, and mini-games.

Score 8/10

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