Monday, 21 February 2011

Back to the future - It's about time


Back To the Future – It’s about time is a Point and click adventure game by the developer Telltale games based on the movie Back to the Future. It is the first of five episodes.

The game has some scenes from the movie only they are different. The story take place for the first test of the time machine done in a car park at night, only things happen differently than in the movie.
Marty at Edna Strickland's house

There are lots of movie references and scenes from the movie like Doc's laboratory, and the clock tower. There are scenes in the game that did not happen in the movie like Doc's parents house when he was a teenager.

Voice acting is done by the original actor Christopher LLoyd for Doc. The main character Marty McFly is not voiced by Michael J Fox, but by a substitute voice actor that does a really good job.

The puzzles are logical and fun to do, and there is a hint system if you need extra help. The graphics in the game are cartoon like, but look very good. I noticed one soundtrack other man the title track in this episode.

The game is about 2-3 hours long, so the game with all episodes would be 10-15 hours which is ok.

My criticism of the game would be the inventory system takes a long time to bring up and scroll through items.
attempt to rescue Doc from prison (Doc Left, Marty Right)


Overall this is a fun adventure game. The game will be better if you watched the movie, but I don’t think it is required. I look forward to playing future episodes.

Score 7/10

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