Monday, 28 February 2011

Final Fantasy XIII


Final Fantasy XIII is the first Final Fantasy game of the current generation consoles. The story follows Lightning the games main character fighting to rescue her sister. Other characters are Snow a tough guy who wants to be a hero, hope a young teenager, Vanille a young woman, Fang a young woman, and Sazh who is trying to rescue his child. The game is set in a futuristic world called cocoon which is floating above the much bigger natural world called pulse.
battling a pantheron

The game begins quite linear and even restricts the characters you can play as. Once you get further through the game it open up more. There is lots of imagination in all the different environments and worlds.

You learn about all the different characters through a series of flashbacks and this lets you know more about all the different characters.

The soundtrack is really good and so are the graphics. The battle system only lets you control one main character although you can set the strategy of other characters whether they are a medic or an attacker for example.

There are no random battles and battles start by colliding with the enemy. You can choose to run past enemies and not fight them.

My criticism of the game would be that it takes too many hours of gameplay before the story becomes good. The game also starts of being very linear which is not always a bad thing but I did find it frustrating.
battling a Gorgonopsid

Overall its a good game, but it took too long to become good. The story is really good and there are lots of side missions to kill specific monsters. I would have liked to see more story related side missions. The sequel Final Fantasy XIII-2 has already been announced so hopefully it will build upon the first game.

Score 7/10

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  1. I wish I could get into the final fantasy series more. It's weird, because I love Chrono Trigger, and they don't play too differently...