Sunday, 13 February 2011

Beneath a Steel Sky Review


Beneath a Steel Sky is a point and click adventure game released in 1994 and currently available as freeware. Robert Foster the main character grows up on the outskirts of civilization in an area known as the gap, when one day a Helicopter from the city comes to take him back to the city. When approaching the city the helicopter crashes and this is where the game starts.
fire exit to nothing


Beneath a steel sky play like a classic point and click adventure game with nice sprite graphics and high quality backgrounds drawn by the same artist as the Watchmen comic. Voice acting is good. The dialogue is funny and worth a listen.

Robert Foster has a robot companion called Joey who takes different forms as Joeys circuit board can be transplanted into different robots. Joey helps solve lots of the puzzles and has lots of nice dialogue.

Lots of the puzzles in the game are really good and logical. The music sets the mood well enough, although does not standout.

My criticism of the game is that it’s too short, and the user interface for saving and loading games is poorly implemented relying on tooltips to know what buttons do.
helicopter crash site

Beneath a steel sky is an excellent adventure game and definitely worth playing, considering it is free. The world is unique, puzzles logical and the story is great science fiction.

Score 9/10

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